About Us


Turnkey Design Services can skillfully fulfill your need for micro metering pumps, variable speed drives or engineering services. Established in 1996, we have unparalleled experience with the following products:

  • Motor and gearbox driven pumps
  • High speed and power gearboxes
  • Motor driven actuators
  • Brushless DC motor controllers
  • DC motors

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 We bring your product to market faster by:

  • Focusing on the relationship and communication
  • Cost effectively taking the product from concept to development
  • Our highly experienced engineering team
  • Becoming an extension of your engineering team


Owner's Biography:
Mr. Kennedy has over 30 years of experience designing pumps and electro-mechanical systems for aerospace applications. He has had direct design involvement in the F-22 Main Engine Fuel Pump, F-35 Main Engine Fuel and Actuator Pump, and many electro-mechanical door actuators. He has also designed electro-mechanical actuation systems for the E-10A and P8-A Poseidon programs.   
Mr. Kennedy is an expert in:
  • Pump Design
    • Centrifugal, vane and gear pumps design and analysis
  • Gear Design
    • High speed & power gearbox design, analysis and testing
  • Electro-Mechanical Design
    • Permanent magnet BLDC motor design, selection and evaluation
    • High temperature Switch Reluctance Motor design
  • Electronic Design
    • System architecture for various motor controllers
    • Brushed and brushless motor controllers
    • Health monitoring systems