Turnkey Design Services has been providing expert, custom engineering services for 15 years. Our experienced team specializes in electro-mechanical, electro-hydraulic, electro-pneumatic and turbomachinery components and systems. Our facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina contains not only our offices, but both an engineering lab and a test/assembly room.


We specialize in:
  • Motor Driven Actuators

  • Gearboxes

  • Motor and Gearbox Driven Pumps

  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators and valves with feedback control/positioning

  • Test Stand Design and Fabrication


As a full service product design firm, we provide our clients with:


Mechanical Design and Analysis


 - Gear and shafting

 - Structural

 - Static

 - Dynamic frequency

 - Dynamic shock

 - Fatigue

 - Electromagnetic

 - Heat Transfer

 - Steady state and transient

 - Fluid Steady State

 - Drafting per ANSI Y14.5 


Electrical Design and Analysis


 - Schematic capture  

 - PCB Layout

 - Dynamic system analysis

 - Motor Controller Design

 - DC Motor Design

 - CCA Prototyping

  • Boards built and assembled by specialty houses  

  • Tested at TDS


Design, Fabricate, Assemble, and Test Product to Spec


 - Conduct PDR & CDR reviews
 - Create fabrication details using ANSI and client's standards on client's format.
 - Use local (or client specified) suppliers for prototype fabrication
  • Gear, housing, shafting, ball screw, electronic boards

 - Monitor and communicate with suppliers

 -  Assemble prototype units in-house

  • Boards assembled outside (bread boards in-house)

 - Conduct performance testing

  • Design, build, assemble test stand

  • Torque & load sensors, oscilloscope, power supplies, wave function generator, wire harnesses, LabVIEW for data acquisition.

 - Update/correlate analysis with test results

 - Update fabrication drawings

 - Electronically send 3D models and drawings to client

Tools We Use: 

 - Unigraphics
 - OrCAD ®
 - MathWorks-Simulink
 - Flux 2D
 - Cadkey ™

Our Client List Includes: